Financial Agreement - Example - Tuition by Academic Level

If your school charges tuition based on Academic Level, here's an example for you

If you haven't used an example before we recommend looking through Financial Agreement - Example - Tuition Only for a more complete walk-through of all the steps.

One of the User Filters that can be used on a User Fee in the Financial Agreement is Academic Level.  In this case we are using "Academic Level 2023-2024."  This allows you to charge a User Fee (Tuition in this example) to only students who are enrolled in the 2023-2024 Academic Term (based on the setting for this Financial Agreement Process) AND are in a specified Academic Level (Note both red boxes below).

In this example we have three different charges for Tuition 

  1. K-5th Grade Tuition
  2. 6th-8th Grade Tuition
  3. 9th-12th Grade Tuition

Each one uses a similar set up, as follows:


Name:  9th -12th Grade Tuition.  This is the name the Admin sees when working with the Financial Agreement (internal use only for you)

Line Item Name:  Tuition.  This name will be shown on agreements and invoices.

Amount: $8000.00.  An example annual tuition amount.

Account Category: Tuition.  The amount will be invoiced to the selected Account Category.

The User Filters and Family Filters are used to narrow down the relevant customers that will be charged this fee.

  • Check the box for "Apply User Filters to this Fee"
  • Click the Green "Add a Filter" box
  • Click "Create Advanced Filter"
  • Click in the "Select a Property to add a rule for" box and  select the User Info Form field desired.  In this example, select "Academic Level: 2023-2024"
  • you will use "is Equal to" and the first applicable Academic level ("9th Grade")
  • Add Condition
  • select "OR", "is Equal to", and "10th Grade" 
  • continue adding conditions until complete with "12th Grade"
  • click "Save"
Repeat the process to create a "Per User Fee" for "K-5th Grade Tuition" and "6th-8th Grade Tuition"