Financial Agreement - Can I add another or amend it?

What can you do if you've published the Financial Agreement and then the family wants to add another student, remove one or unenroll completely?

While you can't amend or edit the Financial Agreement after it is published, you can add another student's Tuition and Fees in a few different ways.  Ensure the new student is enrolled in the new school year before starting this process.  If you need to remove a student or an entire family, you have options, too.

To Add an Additional Student:

1) Create a new Financial Agreement for just the additional student. 
2) Create a completely new Financial Agreement for all the children (replacing the original)
3) Create a manual charge for tuition with no Financial Agreement.
Next is the last ditch effort (recommend you put in a ticket to have ClassReach Support help with this)
4) Edit the charge created by the original Financial Agreement

To Remove a Student:

5) Use Option 2 to create a new Financial Agreement without the removed student (same steps)
6) Credit the account for the tuition, clean up the invoices, no new Financial Agreement

To Remove an Entire Family:

7) Credit the account for all charges, bring Balance owed to $0 and Hide the Financial Agreement

Option 1 - Create a new Financial Agreement for just the additional student

Go to the Summary Financial page and find the desired family.  Check the box left of their name and the option to "Create Agreements" shows in the upper right.

Click "Create Agreements" and select the Financial Agreement Process you want to create.


Click on the Family and then their Agreements tab to find the new agreement.

The original student(s) and the new student will be included in the Financial Agreement.  You will need to manually remove the original student(s) before finalizing the agreement so that only the additional student is included.  Ensure you don't double-charge the family and fees.

Then click the pencil icon next to the Tuition for the first child and click the trash can to delete it.

When the manual edits are completed, Finalize the Agreement and continue as you normally would process any other Financial Agreement.

Option 2 - Create a completely new Financial Agreement for all the children (replacing the original)

In this option, you can only use it if they haven't made any payments yet on the first Financial Agreement and then you would have to start with some housekeeping - 

1) Notify the family of your intent to nullify the first agreement.  I recommend putting something in writing and documenting the Family Info Form or a ClassReach Message where you both agree to this.

2) Hide the original agreement from the Family (you can't delete it)

3) Delete the transaction from the original Financial Agreement (as long as they haven't made any payments yet - if so, you'll have to go with option 1)
4) Proceed with the steps in Option 1 to create the new Financial Agreement, but in this case you will keep all the original charges and no manual edits should be required.

Option 3 - Create a manual charge for tuition with no Financial Agreement

This option is the simplest option - just add a manual charge.  However, it won't be tied to a Financial Agreement at all, so you may want to document this somewhere.

Adding Charges to Individual Accounts

Option 4 - Edit the charge created by the original Financial Agreement

The fourth option is to edit the charge from the original financial agreement and add the tuition and fees for the second student manually. It will be out of sync with what's in the financial agreement, but you can add info to the description. This may/may not work if there have been payments made on the original charges.  Here's an example where the last line is added using the "+entry" button -


WARNING:  This option can work, but may not because of the way the credits/debits are accounted for behind the scenes.  If you try this and get an error, please discontinue and submit a ticket.  We will fix it for you.




Option 5 - Create a New Financial Agreement without the Removed Student

This option would be the same as Option 2 and all the steps, except you are removing a student instead of adding one.  Again, only use this if no payments have been made.

Option 6 - Credit the account, etc

With this option, you would not create a new Financial Agreement and just credit the account for the tuition.  This would also require you to clean up the invoices to ensure the future invoices are correct if the tuition is on a payment plan.
This option is viable if payments have already been made.
1) Add a Payment (misc credit) which is equal to the tuition amount they won't pay 
2) When adding invoices to that Payment you can split the credit on every tuition invoice upcoming to reduce the payment.
Here's an example of a family with two kids and Tuition Agreement. Tuition is $4000. You can see they have made several payment and they have 9 monthly payments of $825 left.

Create a payment to refund $4000 of tuition and split it among all the invoices remaining...

Select all the invoices, change the total amount to $4000 and then click even split.
Payment type should be Misc Credit and add the details of the refund in the memo.



Option 7 - Remove an Entire Family

If a family leaves the school and you need to zero out the balance, you will credit the account for all the charges, bring the Balance owed to $0 and Hide the Financial Agreement.  

In this example, the family has withdrawn from the school and we will zero out the balance with a Payment(misc credit).


Add a Payment and apply the full amount to all the remaining invoices (select the checkbox at the top next to "Invoice" to select all of them.  The system will total up the amount remaining.  Make the Payment Type "Misc. Credit" and add the details in the memo.



This Payment(Misc Credit) brings the Balance Due to $0.00 and that's all that needs to be done.  You can optionally, choose to Hide the Financial Agreement on the Financial Agreement tab.


Families can not be unenrolled from the current Financial Year.  If they are leaving the school, remember to unenroll the students from the classes, unenroll the students from the Academic Term and future Academic Terms (if it's after Aug 1, they will be enrolled in next year automatically) and then Archive the entire family from the People page.