Creating / Editing Classrooms

Classrooms can be assigned to Sections to help ensure students are aware of where their class will be held, it is a good way to keep organized.

As Admin you may be able to create and then edit Classrooms for your school. This is a permissions-based task, if you do not see some of the options and/or buttons mentioned in this documentation, then you may need to contact an administrator for you school to ensure proper permissions are granted. 

The Classroom Name is the field that shows up on the Student Schedule.

Classroom settings are found in the Settings page, under Classroom Settings.

To Create a New Classroom

  • Click +Classroom to add a new classroom. New Classroom
  • Complete the relevant fields:
    • Room Number: This may already be assigned in the building or a system you put in place. This is important so students and teachers who are not familiar with the building can find the room.
    • Name: This field shows on the Student Schedule. You may want to put the number in this field if you don't have a name.For example: Test Room or Science Lab.
    • Capacity: The number of students the room can accommodate.
    • Description: This is a good place to put notes about the room. For example: This classroom has large desks and is good for a course with lots of projects.
  • Click Save once all relevant fields are complete.

To Edit a Current Classroom

  • Click on a classroom and click the Edit button in the expanded section to edit a current classroom.
  • Edit the relevant fields.
  • Click Save once complete and correct.

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