Classroom Settings Overview

The Classroom Settings are where most things affecting how sections function can be set up and edited. Here you can set up everything from the type of Attendance and Conduct Markings you use, to Gradebooks and GPA scales.

In Classroom Settings, you want to be careful to make everything as accurate as possible. These will be the settings the system uses to calculate and create Grade/Progress Reports, Transcripts, etc.

Within this section of the Settings page, you will find:

  • Attendance Markings are what your teachers will have to choose from when entering in attendance for the students. Teachers do not have the permissions to create Attendance Markings. If they need to be able to enter in a particular marking then an Admin, with appropriate permissions, will need to enter them in here.
  • Class Rank Settings will be used to help generate reports on your students’ class rank. You can create different types of class rank.
  • Classrooms enables you can to enter your ClassRoom numbers, along with any names you may have for the room and the capacity. If you add these to your Section’s info, then your students will be able to see the rooms their sections will be held in on their schedules.
  • Conduct Items enable you to set different Conduct Items as well as the marks they can get for them. These can also be designated to Academic Levels.
  • GPA Calculation allows you to set how you would like to calculate the GPA for your students.
  • Gradebook Settings for your school are set here. If you would like teachers grading in a specific way, then this is where you would designate that.
  • Transcript Settings  can be adjusted for your school’s transcripts.