Course Registration Part 2 - Creating/Editing Offered Courses

In order to create Offered Courses you must first set up a Course Registration Process then you can start creating your Offered Course groups.

As an Admin you may be able to create Offered Courses and then edit Offered Courses. This is a permissions-based action, if you do not see some of the buttons and/or options described in this document then you may need to contact an Admin of your system to ensure all proper permissions have been given to complete the needed tasks. 

Offered Courses Settings are found in the Settings page, under Course Settings, Course Registration.

To Create a New Group

  • Navigate to the Settings tab at the top of your screen.
  • Click Course Registration in the Course Settings window.
  • Click the term you would like to edit the registration process for.
  • Click the Offered Courses tab and then the +Group button at the top of the Offered Courses window.
  • Fill out the relevant fields:
    • Name: This will be the name of the group, for example: Math.
    • Require at least one selection? This will mandate if a selection from this group is mandatory. If a selection is mandatory, but you do not want to prevent a submission without the selection, you can choose yes, but only display a warning.
    • Academic Levels: These are all the academic levels you would like this group to be available to.
  • Once all relative fields are filled out, click Save.

To Edit a Current Group

  • Click the Edit icon in the window of the group you would like to edit.
  • Edit the relevant fields.
  • Note - these is also where you can delete a group
  • Once fields are correct, click Save.

To Fill the Offered Course Groups

  • Once the desired groups are created you can arrange courses into the groups.
  • Click and hold the Course you would like to add to a group, drag it over to the desired group, and the Group will turn green when it registers.
  • Release the mouse and the Course will drop into the Group.
  • Repeat this process until you have all of your Courses organized the way you desire.
  • This will save automatically as you drag and drop courses.

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