FAQ-Where can I find the application link?

There are two ways to find the Family Application

You can find the link to your school's application at https://<enter school name>.classreach.com/apply

  • <enter school name> means to put in the specific school name as it appears on your ClassReach school website.

You can also, start an application for someone via the people page...

1) Go to the People Page

2) Click on the +Applicant Green button located near the top of the left sidebar

Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 9.29.27 AM-1

3) Enter the First Name, Last name and Email Address in the pop-up screen

4) Click "Create User and Send Link to Application"

This will send the application link to that person.


If you're looking for the Student Application see the following article - 

How does a Guardian Get to the Student Application?