Viewing Messages and Customizing your Inbox

How to view Messages and customize your Inbox.

Guardians are always copied on all messages received and sent by their students.
Note: some schools such as post-graduate/adult schools may not register guardians

Viewing your Messages Inbox

  • Sign in to your Teacher ClassReach account.
  • Navigate to the Messages tab on the top of the screen.  This will load your Messages Inbox
  • You have several options to Filter your messages, as seen on the left-hand navigation menu (Inbox, Sent, Unread, Drafts, by Labels, etc)

Options and Customizing the Messages Inbox

  • To search for a message use the Search bar at the top of the window.
    • Once you locate the message you would like to view, click on that message to view.
  • To view Messages you have sent, select the Sent folder in the left column.
  • To filter your inbox to only display Unread messages, select the Unread folder in the left column.
  • To view saved drafts, select the Draft folder in the left column.
  • To view messages you have archived, select the Archived folder in the left column.

  • You can create and use customized personal Message Groups from your inbox.
    • Click Messaging Groups in the left sidebar. Here, you can add common groups together. For example, Teachers or PTO.
    • Simply name the group and add all the users you would like in the group.
    • Click Save.
    • Once the Message Group has been created you will be able to type the name of the group into the recipient field within a message to add all members of the group to your message at once.
  • You can create Labels for your messages to help you organize your messages by topic, sender, event, etc
    • Select Manage Labels in the left column.  From here you can:
      • Add a new label by clicking the green +Label button
        • This will allow you to name and choose a color for the new label.
      • Edit an existing label's name or color
      • Change the order that your labels appear on the left column of your inbox
      • Delete a label by clicking on the red trashcan icon
    • Any labels you have created will appear in the left column and can be selected to view messages with that assigned label.  Important is considered a label and can be filtered.

Some Users are granted permissions to mass message Teachers, Guardians, Students - this permission is granted by the school admin.  You will be able to find the group labels by typing "All" into the "To:" field (see sample below):