Teacher Training - Video

An introductory training session, in 4 parts, to ClassReach for teachers

Welcome to ClassReach teachers.  Below are four videos that you and your school can use to learn to use ClassReach.  We encourage you to read other Knowledge Base articles, ask questions via our Support Tickets and provide us feedback to help us make ClassReach better for you!

Part 1 - Welcome Teachers Video

This video is an overview of ClassReach and specifically covers a survey of the website menus, using ClassReach on a mobile device, viewing and editing your User Profile, and an overview of the major functions such as messaging, calendar, notifications and documents.



Part 2 - Lesson Plans

A little bit more overview and how to create and edit Lesson Plans



Part 3 - Homework +

This video covers Homework, Handouts, Discussions and Attendance



Part 4 - Gradebook

Grades, Averages, Conduct Items, Comments, Settings