Setting Up Your School Directory

This article describes how Admins can create a Directory for their school.

To create a Directory for your school, utilize the following steps:

1.  Login to your Admin account in your ClassReach Portal.

2. Select the Settings page.

3. On the People Settings Section select Directory Settings.

First picture

4. A window will open prompting you to complete the following sections:

Top window

  • Directory Name (the title of the Directory).
  • Custom Content Area (this content will be displayed on the opening page of the Directory).

    Guardian page
  • User Approval Text (this content will display on the User Profile where consent for listing is given).
  • Control Usability By Role (this defines who can use the Directory - Teachers, Guardians and/or Students.  Admins may always access the Directory).
  • Admin Directory (you may choose to enable the Admin Directory which prompts Admins to opt-in.  If you choose to enable the Admin Directory, you may choose which information you would like included, i.e. Email, Address, Phone, etc..)
  • Department Head Directory (you may choose to:
    • Enable the Department Head Listing.  This prompts Department Heads to opt-in if they so choose.
    • If enabled, you may choose to include the Department Name, Department Head's Email, Courses and any other fields you would like).
  • Teacher Directory, Family Directory, Guardian Directory and Student Directory may also be enabled with Email, Courses and other pertinent information.

    Window 2

5.  Once your Directory Settings are complete, you may Draft Message To Users (bottom right of the window).  This message will be sent to all users for whom you have enabled a Directory listing prompting them to opt-in.  If a user chooses not to opt-in, a red notification indicator will appear by their name at the top right corner of their login screen.

Message Users

6.  Make sure to Save your Directory Settings.  

7.  Once your Directory is created, you may access it from your School Page on the left-hand side bar.

Directory ButonSchool page