Inputting and Viewing Grades

Entering and viewing grades is an important part of the teacher's daily routine.

Grade Settings can be configured at the school-level by an Admin or delegated as Custom so that a teacher can control the settings. If you don't see the ability to change the Settings tab within the gradebook and don't currently have the correct Gradebook Settings, then you will need to contact an admin for your school.

To access Grades, you will first navigation to the Sections page:
Click on GRADES in the upper blue header bar:

Gradebook page

The first tab on the Grades page is "Gradebook"; Here all students will be listed along with their grades and averages for the current grading unit displayed.

Gradebook options - green header bar1) The grading unit drop-down in the green header bar will default to the current unit based on the date range set by your Administrator in Grade Unit Settings. You can select a different unit to access past grades.
Note: If your school doesn't use grading units, you will not see this drop-down)

2) There are several sort and display options for the Gradebook
3) Print icon - This feature is called the Printable Teacher Gradebook 
and allow several configurations:   Empty Grade Text - This is where you can indicate what you want to display in existing students who have empty grades (it will not show for extra students or extra grade items)
Add Extra Blank Students - This can be useful if your roster is still filling up and you want to leave lines to fill in manually.
Add Extra Blank Grade Items - Adds additional grade slots for future entry

Next, you'll have the option to format the print page. The above example would print out as follows - note the print options selected to see the headers and grid lines:

Inputting Grades

  • If the assignment you are inputting the grade for is already in the system (via homework, agenda, etc.) locate the student and correct box and enter the points earned. Once you click outside of the box, it will auto-save.

An M or <blank> will not be counted when the grades are averaged.  M stands for missing.   Leaving the assignment <blank> could be used for missing or excused.

Important Note: ClassReach gradebooks will calculate percentages based on the Points Possible and the Points Earned.

  • If the assignment you are inputting the grade for is not in the system (was an activity in class, a pop quiz, etc) click the +New Grade button at the top right of the screen.
    • Fill out the relevant fields:

        • Name: This will be the title and how it will appear in the gradebook.
        • Select Grade Category: This will tell the ClassReach system the weight this grade has when calculating grade reports and transcripts.
        • Hide from Students: If you are not sharing the grades with the class at this time, this will allow you to hide the grade.
        • Extra Credit: Tell the ClassReach system if this is extra credit for when it is calculating grade reports and transcripts.

      Important Note: Remember to put the Point Earned in the gradebook. If you are offering 5 extra points and put in the percentage (100) the system will calculate it as 100 extra points.

      • Points Possible: This is the total number of point that can be earned by the assignment. (field is hidden if Extra Credit)
      • Start Date: Usually people put this as the day the assignment was given.
      • Additional Sections: If the assignment you are adding is relevant to another section, you can choose that here.
  • Once all relevant fields are complete, click Save.
  • Locate the student and correct box and enter the points earned.
  • Once you click outside of the box it will auto-save.

Entering grades in bulk

There is an option to autofill the entire roster's grades with Autofill. You can then adjust individual grades after the fact.