FAQ-How do I Unarchive a Declined or On Hold Application?

This article is intended to save you time by pointing you to ClassReach Support for assistance.

We encourage you to archive applications you have determined to fall into either the Declined or On Hold status (you do not want to archive applications that are Approved as this will archive a current family in your system.  If an approved family leaves your school, you should archive them at that point.) If you have applications that are never completed and remain In Progress, we recommend archiving those as well, to keep your application list as current as possible.

While you may access archived applications at any time by filtering your People page list down to Archived and a selected Applicant Status, admins don't have permission to make archived applications active again.  If you need to have an application unarchived, please submit a ticket to ClassReach Support and we will be happy to un-archive the application for you.

Submit a ClassReach Support Ticket