FAQ: Trouble printing progress reports.

Getting a time out error or blank page when running progress reports? - Troubleshooting tips below:

Progress Reports pull a lot of data from many different sources in ClassReach and can be resource intensive.  We have recently made some significant improvements to the performance of Progress Reports and have eliminated most time out issues.  However, there are a few factors which could impact performance to consider:

  • PDF format takes quite a bit more time than the Printable Web Page - you might try using the Printable Web page 

    If having a PDF version is important, you can choose to Print the results of the Printable Web Page and as the printer, choose Print to PDF as shown:

  • Running the report for a large number of users - For large schools, it may make sense to run the Progress Reports by Academic Level so reduce the size and thus the time to generate the report.

  • Time of day - first thing is the morning is a high-traffic time, try later in the day.
  • Database warm up - Databases are designed to conserve energy and may take time to warm up; try running the report again, often the 2nd attempt is successful.