FAQ - Can I remove a specific charge from one or multiple invoices?

If a charge was added to an invoice or invoices, it is possible to remove it...carefully

This is a really specific scenario, but the process of fixing it can be used in other situations where you want to remove a specific charge off of an invoice(s) that has multiple charges.


In this scenario, there are 3 students (Kid 1, Kid 2, Kid 3).   They are all charged tuition separately and each pays a tuition deposit when they register.  The school has the tuition account set up so that all these tuition charges are spread over 12 monthly payments on ONE INVOICE each month.

It's important to note that every tuition charge and every deposit is spread over the 12 months of invoices.

Subsequently, before any payments are made, the parents decide to have Kid 2 drop the class. They add the credit onto the account as below to adjust the balance correctly.

The admin wants the invoice to NOT show Kid 2 on every invoice for the rest of the year, but he's still on there.

Here's how Kid 2 can be removed from the monthly invoices.

1) Change the original charge of $660.25 to be paid with one new and separate invoice.


2) Change the "Deposit - Kid 2" payment to only pay for that new invoice.


3) Change the credit of -$521.25 to only go towards that new invoice.

The result is that all the information regarding the history of transactions remains in the register and the new invoices accurately only show Kid 1 and Kid 3.  Kid 2 has been removed.