Family Overview

How we use Families in ClassReach to help you organize Users and make desired connections between Guardians and Students.

As an Admin, you may organize Guardians and Students into Families.

  • Editing Families and their members is a permissions based task.  If you do not see some of the options and buttons discussed in the following documents,  please contact the lead admin for your school.
  • There are school set ups in ClassReach where Families are not appropriate (adult trade schools, English Language schools for adults, etc) and during set up ClassReach will disable the Family options.

The Family unit set up within ClassReach helps connect multiple people.  It also controls different permissions within the system. For example, a parent with more than one child in the school is able to see notifications for all their children in one place.  ClassReach is also flexible enough to handle unique family situations.


  • Family Name: You would usually use the last name. However, if a school has multiple families with the same last name, you can add additional data to differentiate between the families (i.e. adding both parents' names).
    • Students and Guardians do not have to have the same last name as their Family Name.
  • Multiple Families:  If a student has Guardians from different households, one or more sibling students may be added to more than one family.  Here are a few examples:
    • If Mom and Dad are divorced you can create two families.  One family with Dad and the student(s) and another family with Mom and the same student(s). This allows them both to access messages, grades and other items pertaining to their children.
    • If a student lives with their grandparents while a single Dad is away on military deployment, you can have the grandparents as one family and Dad as a separate family.  This way Dad can be kept up to date with school communications, his child's grades, and can easily message the school with questions or concerns.

Important Note: The tabs and forms within this section can be customized by your school. Learn about Viewing/Editing People Forms.