Custom Report Types

An introduction to the options available in Custom Report Types.

Custom Reports allow you to access data with flexibility and customization. Below are the standard Custom report types, and a bit of general information about each.

  • Users: Gather information about Users. For example, you can make a contact list of Guardians in the school (with their name, email, and phone numbers) or a full list of students in 9th grade.
  • Families: Gather information on Family units. For example, You can make a family directory with last names and phone numbers, or a list of family names in the school.
  • Form Responses: Gather information from Forms. For example, if you’ve created a form and want to see the responses formatted in a table, this is the report to use.
  • Calendar Events: Gather information from the Calendar. For example, an agenda style view for the next month. 
  • Sections: Gather information about the Sections in your system. For example, distribute a list of courses & sections that are going to be offered in the upcoming school year.
  • Grade Averages: Gather information about student grade averages. For example, you can get a quick idea of how students are doing in their classes. 
  • Attendance Markings: Gather information about specific attendance markings.  For example, you could use this to show a detailed attendance record for a student(s).