Creating/Editing Sections

Within this document we will discuss how to create a Section and the different settings you can use.

As an Admin, you can create Sections and edit Sections.

  • This is a permissions based action. If you do not see some of the buttons and/or options described in this document, you may need to contact the lead admin for your system to ensure all proper permissions have been given to complete the needed tasks.

In order to create Sections you must first set up Courses.


Course vs. Section

A course can be looked at as the “Subject” provided by a school. Meanwhile, a section is better looked at as the specific class taking that subject. For example: A school offers an 8:00 a.m. Algebra II class taught by Mrs. Johnson and then an 11:30 a.m. Algebra II class taught by Mr. Richards. This would be set up in ClassReach as follows: an Algebra II Course containing two Sections, one for Mrs. Johnson’s class and one for Mr. Richard’s class.

To Create a New Section

  • Sign in to your Admin ClassReach account.
  • Navigate to the Courses tab at the top of your screen.
  • Use the left hand side bar to locate the course you would like to add a section to.
  • Click on the course.
  • Click the +Section button within the window.
  • Locate and then fill out all relevant fields:

    • Section Number: This is where you can number (or name) your section.
    • Capacity: This is the maximum number of students this section is allotted.
    • Start Time: This is where you can mark the start time for the section.
    • End Time: This is where you can mark the end time for the section.
    • Period: If your school operates with periods, you can designate this section’s period here.  **Periods determine the order that a teacher's sections show up on their Quick Access menu and their left sidebar**
    • Select Meeting Days: This is where you can mark the days of the week this section meets. This will help the system create the schedule for attendance days for your teachers.
    • Academic Term: This is where you designate what Academic Term this section will be active.  This section only exists in this Academic Term.    When you move to the next Academic Term you will need a new Section - either create it or copy using the Data Copier.
    • Classroom: This is where you can designate a physical classroom location (Room 205) if you have created them within ClassReach.
    • Grading Unit Group: This is where you can designate a Grading Unit Group (set up on the School Settings page), if you have created them within ClassReach.  Grading Units will determine your grade reporting periods throughout the Academic Term (when you send out Progress Reports). A Section must be connected to a Grading Unit Group before any grades are entered so Progress Reports generate correctly.
    • Gradebook Settings: This is where you can designate a Gradebook Setting which has been previously set up on the School Settings page.  For example, you might have Gradebook Settings for all "Math Classes" or "Grades 7-12."  When you select the "Math Classes" Gradebook Settings, those settings (Grade Mappings, Grading Scale, Grading Categories, etc) will be applied to this specific section.  The teacher will not be able to change these settings.
    • Use Custom Gradebook Settings: If you would like to allow the teacher to create their own gradebook settings, you can check this box.
    • Add Teachers: Here you can use the drop down to add teacher(s).
    • Add Students: Here you can use the drop down to add students.
  • Click Save.