Creating Discussion Topics

This article describes how to create discussion topics for students and guardians within a section.

As an Admin, you can create Discussions within a Section. Discussions are a great way to allow for the passing back and forth of information as well as to encourage students to show further understanding of a topic. You can also hide Discussion Posts if there is a reply that you do not want to be visible to your guardians and/or students any longer.

  • This is a permissions based task. If you do not see some of the button and/or options discussed here, you may need to contact the lead admin for your school. They will need to ensure you have the proper permissions so you can then complete the needed task.

Steps for Creating Discussion Topic:

  • Navigate to the Section you would like to create a discussion topic for.
  • Select the Discussions tab.
  • Click the Create Discussion Topic button at the bottom right.
  • Fill out the relevant fields:
    • Title: This will be the bolded title of the discussion topic.
    • Content: Here you can add the details of the topic.
    • Enable Lock: The discussion will not allow for posts.
    • Pin to Top: The discussion will remain at the top of the list (normally sorted by creation date/time).


You have a couple of options with discussion topics and posts by checking the box next to a discussion topic.

  • Archive: Archiving will pull the discussion topic out of the list of topics.
  • Lock: Locking will prevent posts to the discussion topic.
  • Unlock: Unlocking will allow posts to the discussion topic.
  • Pin: Pinning will keep a topic at the top of the topic list. (normally sorted by creation date/time)
  • UnPin: Unpinning will set the topic back to its default spot in the topic list.

Hiding Discussion Post: You can also hide a discussion post by viewing the discussion’s post and selecting the Hide Post button. This will cause the posted contents to be hidden and replaced with “The contents of this post have been hidden”. It will still show the name of the poster and the date and time of the post. You can unhide the post by selecting the Unhide Post button on a hidden post.