Calendar Overview

This document is a Calendar Overview. The calendar function is a great way to help users keep track of important dates and upcoming events.

As an Administrator, you have the ability to create and edit events on the calendar that can appear for all users or for a specific group.



  • Event Title: The name of the event and how it will appear on the calendar.
  • All Day: Choose yes for an all day event, for example: Christmas or Free Dress Day. Choose no for an event that has a beginning and end time. For example: a class party or field trip.
  • Start/ End time: If you chose no, you will be prompted to set the times for the event.
  • Section: If the event only applies to a particular section, this can be designated and the event will only appear on the calendars of users associated with that section.
  • Where: You can enter a location for the event. For example: Conference Room C or the Dallas Zoo.
  • Description: This is a good place to add details and/or reminders. For example, for the event "Free Dress Day" an admin could remind families;  "For the upcoming free dress day, all students must please remember that the dress guide from the student handbook still applies."
  • Visible To: Choose to whom you would like this event to be visible. If you only check teachers, this event will not appear on students’ or guardians’ calendars.