Advancing Sections

In order to advance a section from one Academic Term to the next, follow the steps in this article.

In most scenarios, the Data Copier (found in School Settings) is the most updated way to Advance Sections as well as many other items to different, terms or sections.  Advance Sections DOES have the unique capability to advance students from one section to another (eg, Algebra 1 to Algebra 2).

In this article, we describe two basic scenarios - a basic copying of section using Advance Sections and advancing students from one Academic Term to the next, specifically from one course to the next course in a sequence (eg, Logic 1 to Logic 2).

Scenario 1 - Basic Legacy Advance Section (Copying)

If your sections stay the same between two academic terms (if you have two academic terms for a single year and everyone moves to the same section) then advancing sections is a very easy way to do this. When you advance sections it will create a copy of your section, including everything from meeting days and times to the students and teachers registered to the section.

  • Sign in to your ClassReach Admin account
  • Navigate to the Courses tab
  • Select the courses with the sections you’d like to advance (do this by clicking the checkbox next to the course name)
  • Use the Action dropdown to select Advance Sections
  • This will open the Advance Sections pop-up window
  • Choose the desired Advance Sections
      • From:  select the original academic term you’d like to copy from
      • To:  select the target academic term you’d like to copy to
    • What would you like to do with Courses where “Advance To” is empty?
      • If you’d only like to advance courses that you have designated go to a specific section then choose Ignore. If you would like to copy any non-designated sections to the same course choose Advance to same Course.
  • Always double check that your courses advanced properly!

The following video shows the steps above in action...



Scenario 2 - Advance Students to the Next Course in a Sequence

Essentially, Scenario 2 functions the same as Scenario 1.   Advance Sections allows you to advance the section (which includes the students) from a given Course to a specified Course.  This is set in the Course.

In this case, we have set up Band 7th Grade to Advance To Band 8th Grade.  If you Advance Sections, as in scenario one, from one year to the next OR one Academic Term to the next, the system will create the new section and put the 7th grade students in this 8th grade section.