Adding a Grade as an Admin

In this article, we will cover both Creating a Grade for a Section’s Gradebook and Adding a Grade as an Admin.

Grades are added to the gradebook and are typically an assignment, quiz, or test. Once they are added to a course, individual student grades can be entered for that Grade Item. These instructions are intended to be executed from the Admin interface.

Image showing the interface to add a grade.

Navigate to the Gradebook

  • Sign in to your Admin ClassReach account.
  • Navigate to the Courses tab at the top of your screen.
  • Use the left-hand sidebar to locate the course that you would like to add grades for.
  • Click on the course.
  • The Sections for this course will load in the right of the window.
  • Click on the section that you would like to add grades for.
  • Click Grades under View Class Info.
  • This will display the grades for the section.

Existing Grade Items

If the assignment you are inputting the grade for is already in the system (via homework, agenda, etc.) then follow the steps below.

  • Locate the box for the student and grade you would like to enter.
  • Input the points earned
  • Once you click outside of the box it will auto-save.

Important Note:  ClassReach gradebooks will calculate percentages based on the Points Possible and the Points Earned.

Creating a Grade Item

If the assignment you are inputting the grade for is not in the system (was an activity in class, a pop quiz, etc) then follow these steps to create the grade item.

  • Click the +New Grade button at the top right of the screen.
  • Fill out the relevant fields:
    • Name: This will be the title and how it will appear in the gradebook.
    • Select Grade Category: This will tell the ClassReach system the weight this grade has when calculating grade reports and transcripts.
    • Hide from Students: If you are not sharing the grades with the class at this time, this will allow you to hide the grade.
    • Extra Credit: Tell the ClassReach system if this is extra credit for when it is calculating grade reports and transcripts.

Important Note: Remember to put the Points Earned in the gradebook. If you are offering 5 extra points and put in the percentage (100) the system will calculate it as 100 extra points.

    • Points Possible: This is the total number of points that can be earned by the assignment.
    • Start Date: Usually, people put this as the day the assignment was given.
  • Once all relevant fields are complete, click Save.
  • Locate the student and correct box and enter the points earned.
  • Once you click outside of the box, it will autosave.